What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

New Castle Artisan offers you an innovative, effective way to renew old, chipped, spalled, and some cracked concrete surfaces.

Over time, wear & tear, weather and exposure to the elements can cause damage to your property’s concrete surfaces. That damage, if left unfixed, can get worse and eventually result in unsightly blemishes, unsafe surfaces and decreased property value. 

The talented professionals at New Castle Artisan give your concrete surfaces an entirely new look! After your initial consultation (you can contact us here!), our specially trained teams arrive at your property on time. After greeting you, they set up minimal equipment and begin prepping your existing concrete surfaces. 

The New Castle Artisan trade-secret mix and application technology ensure that there is never any need for demolition. That means your environment stays free and clear of costly, time-consuming obstructions. 

Once the concrete is applied, our artisans go to work creating beautiful designs in wonderous colors. The designs chosen suit the state of your concrete space, match your preferences and complement the surrounding space. Once the new concrete surface quickly sets, your space is ready for use in an amazing new way!

Check out some of our work in our Portfolio Gallery!

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