Concrete Options & Next Steps

How do I know if concrete resurfacing is right for my project?

New Castle Artisan’s advanced polymer technology and application process coupled with a visual inspection will ensure that your surface is a perfect canvas for concrete resurfacing. Although there are exceptions, our trained staff will be able to determine the viability of your project within a few minutes.  While we do not pour concrete, should resurfacing not be an option for your site, our staff is happy to offer alternative ideas. With very few exceptions, almost all horizontal or sloped concrete surfaces are perfect candidates for New Castle Artisan projects.

If your concrete surfaces have chips, cracks, fade spots or other damage, there are some styles of resurfacing that are better suited to your project than others. Check out the table below for more details.

Design Option…Best For Surfaces With…
Formal SlateNo Cracks
Relaxed SlateMinor Cracks
Random StoneMultiple Cracks

What Artistic Options Are Available For My Concrete Resurfacing Project

There are two main considerations when designing the space of your dreams. First, you choose the texture and shape of your concrete design. Secondly, you’ll decide upon the blend and shades of colors. Customize the perfect complement to your existing environment by choosing hues ranging from grays to neutrals. 

You can also personalize your space even further when you choose stenciling for additional flair! New Castle Artisan offers concrete stenciling in letters along with various logos and symbols.

By now, it’s a sure thing that you’ve got a few ideas about what your space could look like! 

4 Steps To Your New Castle

  1. First, fully define the concrete space that you want to transform. Send us pictures of your space to make it easier to communicate your ideas.
  1. Note any damage that you may have and learn about the styles available to you. 
  1. Choose your color scheme and blends. Our options range from shades of gray to neutrals, in beautiful blends or pops of color. 
  1. Contact New Castle Artisan ASAP To Get On Our Calendar! Project space fills up fast during the artisan season. So, make sure you reach out as soon as you have your concrete resurfacing vision in mind. And, if you need assistance, our Design Expert is always a great help!

Check out some of our before & after photos in our Portfolio Gallery!

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