Creating Customer Curb Appeal

There are a lot of available options for repairing or resurfacing your existing residential or commercial driveway. New Castle Artisan provides the best combination of improved visual aesthetic, durability, and affordability.

All of our driveway solutions are custom tailored to suit the needs of the individual project and provide long lasting quality that adds beauty and value to your home. New Castle Artisan makes luxury aesthetic affordable for your home.

The New Castle Difference
New Castle Artisan uses acrylic cement composed of carefully selected polymer resins that provide a powerful mechanical bond that is absorbed by the existing concrete surface. Our surface styles provide a unique artistic design that stands up to the elements and resists cracking, fading and wear and tear associated with vehicle and foot traffic. New Castle Artisan’s Castle Rock acrylic cement has the warm, luxury appearance of natural stone at a fractional cost.
Durable Driveway Design
Our hand application process is considerably less invasive than pouring new concrete, while providing a superior visual aesthetic. Unlike store bought DIY solutions our products will not delaminate as a result of the use of salts or the trials of weather. We stand by our work with a two year warranty against flaking, peeling or de-lamination. Stone pavers require constant attention to combat the growth of weeds and stamped pavers regularly crack under pressure.
Driveway Repairs
New Castle Artisan concrete resurfacing provides superior solutions for your next driveway resurfacing project. When it’s time to repair or replace your damaged concrete driveway choose the options that will add beauty and value to your home. Each hand sculpted New Castle Artisan driveway is completely customized and suited to fit your style. Choose from a variety of color and shape options to create your own unique appeal that will remain as a timeless work of art.
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